16 Fun and Cheap Weekend Projects You Can Buy on Amazon

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Bored? Us too. If you're itching for a little home upgrade that doesn't require a ton of effort or cost, Amazon's your best friend. Here are some projects, DIYs, and easy decor switches you can add to your cart today and have at your doorstep ASAP.

1. Create a hanging garden.

This kit of six glass orbs is just $21.99. You could fill them with air plants (also available on Amazon; this set of five air plants is $13.95) and hang in clusters to add dimension to a living room or office corner.

2. Create a paint-by-numbers masterpiece.

We're actually kind of totally digging the traditional motif on this paint by numbers kit ($27). It's oil paint, so it'll look hella artsy.

3. Organize your bathroom drawers with some cheap drawer organizers.

This set of four compartments ($17.99) is perfectly suited to organize makeup and beauty bits. It's also the right size for junk drawer-type items.

4. Get your home herb garden started.

This garden kit ($24.99) will get you started on cilantro, basil, chives, and parsley. Honestly, it will pay for itself in a month after you stop spending at the grocery store.

5. Upgrade your lights to smart lights — it's not that expensive.

Do you have a smart home assistant? (Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomeKit.) This Phillips Hue four-pack ($47.99) will allow you to control your lights remotely or with your voice.

6. Create a decorative hanging shelf setup.

These minimalist hanging shelves are damn cheap at $20.99 for two. It's what that empty space has been missing.

7. Take on a canning project — like homemade dilly beans.

Preserving veggies in Mason jars is easy. Plus, they make great homemade holiday gifts. This set of four jars is $12.97. And this recipe for dilly beans is free!

8. Finally turn your outdoor space into a hangout zone.

It really doesn't take much. We say, just start with these romantic string lights ($16.99), and pull out some old chairs.

9. Make your own candles.

This cute DIY kit ($33.75) has everything you need to make homemade candles, including scents and dyes.

10. Revive a sad piece of furniture with a coat of spray paint.

Krylon's Chalky Finish ($13.35) doesn't require any prep or primer, and it creates the type of finish that doesn't look spray-painted.

11. Make some shibori pillowcases (or curtains, or whatever you want!).

This shibori kit ($29.99) will teach you how to apply the Japanese dye technique to any type of fabric.

12. Organize your photo collection.

Photos — remember those? They're like Instagrams you actually put on a wall or in a frame? Chances are, your pics are in disarray in some closet. This photo organizer ($30.95) will keep them neat and dust-free.

13. Get around to that gallery wall.

Now that you've organized all your old pics, chances are there are some you'd love to display. Gather them up, along with other personal mementos (concert tickets? Post cards? Drawings?) and create a meaningful gallery wall with this set of 10 frames ($49.99) — we love the pink borders.

14. Screw it with real plants; add some fake plant awesomeness to your space.

Confession: We can't even keep succulents alive. This set of six fake succulents ($15.99) will never make you doubt your plant parenting skills. Are succulents not your thing? Amazon's overall faux plant situation is top-notch.

15. Install a $25 security upgrade.

Whether you want to keep an eye on pets or just want to check in on your home, the Wyze Cam ($25.98) is a super affordable way to do that. It detects motion (and alerts you), includes two-way audio, and has night vision.

16. Ch-ch-ch-chia!

C'mon — haven't you always wanted a Chia Pet? You could go for the classic, but we're digging this Golden Girls line (and yes, they have all four ladies). Sophia costs $18.99.

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