8 Hobby Kits to Start and Give Up by the Holidays

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Hobby kits sound amazing in theory. Who doesn't want to create something with their own to hands? Imagine the sense of accomplishment! Imagine the compliments you'll get from strangers on Instagram! But, let's be real here — while those kits claim to have everything you need to do something, they don't include two very important ingredients: time and the willpower to overlook an opportunity to sit on the couch and do nothing.

And yet, the siren call of the hobby/craft kit is a loud one. So, despite the knowledge that what you create is most likely going to end up either half-finished in the makeshift craft graveyard that is the top shelf of the linen closet, we continue to buy them. Here's hoping we at least try these.

1. DIY Knitting Blanket Kit, $39.95

C'mon, you can do it! Put your mind to it, and you'll create the perfect blanket for winter snuggling. (Or maybe just a "foot" blanket if you don't get too far?) l knit a square that'll sit on the coffee table until you tuck it, the needles, and the yarn in the closet for...safe keeping.

2. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden, $20

The hydroponic system in these jars means you really just need to put water in the reservoir for them to flourish. That means you'll probably get one good piece of basil before killing it!

3. Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit, $34.95

Your own perfectly hot hot sauce sounds nice, doesn't it?

4. DIY: Kintsugi Started Kit With Handcrafted Bowl, $48.64

Meet Kintsugi, aka the Japanese art of piecing together broken pottery, which should hopefully result in something more beautiful, even in a state of semi-disrepair.

5. Beekeeping Kit and Accessories. $499

So, here's a kit that really requires commitment because the bees aren't included — you need to special order them separately.

6. Complete DIY Candle Making Kit, $50

"Diptyque candles are expensive and how hard can they really be to make?" will likely be written our tombstones.

7. DIY At Home Spa Treatment Kit, $25

The winding down of the year can be stressful, so it's important to take care of oneself. A homemade spa treatment could help.

8. DIY Gin Kit, $50

Hey, if there's anything that would actually motivate us to finish one of these kits, it would be alcohol. We just might need a drink while it's all going down.

Sara Nachlis is a multimedia writer and editor living in Los Angeles by way of Long Beach, CA. Did you know Sublime is from there?

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