13 Acapulco Chairs to Brighten Your Space

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What are Acapulco chairs? The short answer is, they're chairs that gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, and bring vacation vibes to any space.


The long answer? Acapulco chairs have an egg-shaped metal frame that has a smaller circle nested within it. Traditionally, a single cord is hand-woven around the inner and outer rings of the frame repeatedly, which forms the chair's support. They can be placed either indoors or outdoors, and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Take a peek at some of our favorite bright and cheery Acapulco chairs below:

Luca Oval Turquoise Chair ( $150 )

Acapulco Black Egg Outdoor Chair ( $279 )

Mexa Acapulco Lounge Chair in Olive Green ( $300 )

Bradley Acapulco Papasan Outdoor Chair ( $180 )

Huron Large Lounge Chair With Cushion ( $749 )

Innit Indoor/Outdoor Chair ( $398 )


Acapulco Shell Chair ( $395 )

Acapulco Indoor/Outdoor Modern Tuscon Chair in Orange ( $253 )

Junior Acapulco Chair in Orchid ( $250 )

Acapulco Rocking Chair in Yellow ( $370 )

Acapulco Papasan Chair ( $389 )

Mexa Acapulco Lounge Chair in Camel Leather ( $399 )


Innit Acapulco Black Frame Chair in Mexico ( $389 )


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