There's Still Enough Time to Stay at This Charming Maine Motel This Summer

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Alice Amory didn't set out to own a motel on the coast of Maine when she returned there after 16 years as a chef in New York City. She had originally planned to open a pop-up restaurant in the area, but that was before she learned that a classic seaside getaway had been for sale for quite some time. "It was really dated, [with] wood paneling and a lot of turquoise or mustard carpet," Amory said. She envisioned the place as "an unplugged summer experience" similar to her childhood in nearby Camden, which would come to life with a colorfully minimalist Scandinavian design pulled from her travels. With a limited budget, she went about removing carpeting and doors that otherwise "chopped up" the '50s motor inn, and then painted everything "white, white, white" for a minimalistic feel. The six cabins — all with doors of brilliant blue — now make up the Lincolnville Motel, a haven that feels like a timeless escape to summer's simple pleasures. And even though she never anticipated this locale in her future, Amory is already thinking ahead: a spa and consignment shop are on the way. Who knows? A restaurant could be next.

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Swapping out the original property's traditional dark green shade on the doors for a turquoise blue gives the place a chic, updated look.

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Guest Room

Nature scenes of Maine by Jacob Hessler hang over each bed and are available for purchase. "That helps class it up a little bit," Amory joked. Headboards were crafted from simple plywood and drop-cloths were transformed into curtains.

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Guest Room

Details in the cabins make each space feel like a personal escape. And in case you were wondering, there are no televisions.

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Common Room

The common room almost feels like a beloved family home. "I sent an email to all of my friends looking for different things," Amory said. Ikea furnishings are paired with antiques and cast-offs from her loved ones.