How to Use Jiffy-Pots

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Made of coir, or coconut hull fibers, Jiffy-Pots are primarily used for starting seeds indoors. Because they are biodegradable and the entire pot can be transplanted into the garden, Jiffy-Pots are very useful for starting from seed plants that do not transplant easily or well. Rather than remove the plant from its nursery pot, it can be planted while still in its Jiffy-Pot. The roots quickly grow through the pot in search of moisture and nutrients, and eventually the pot itself will decompose.


Step 1

Fill the Jiffy-Pots to their tops with potting soil. The soil will settle over time and leave room for watering.

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Step 2

Sow plant seeds into each Jiffy-Pot, following the directions on the seed packages.

Step 3

Fill a large, shallow pan with a few inches of water and set the Jiffy-Pots in the water. Add or subtract water from the pan until its level comes approximately halfway up the sides of the Jiffy-Pots. Let the pots sit in the water until the surface of the soil is moist.


Step 4

Remove the pots from the pan of water and set the pots in an appropriate location for germination, as recommended by the seed packaging. After the seeds germinate, the plants can be watered in this manner or they can be watered from above with a watering can. Water when the soil is in the stage of dryness specified on the seed packages of the plants you are growing. Generally speaking, Jiffy-Pots dry out faster than plastic or clay starter pots and will most likely require watering every few days.


Step 5

Transplant the plants into the garden, without removing them from the Jiffy-Pots, at the appropriate time for both the plants and your climate. When transplanting, ensure that the entire pot is buried beneath the ground. If any portion of it is above the soil, it will wick water away from the roots of the plant, which could possibly be fatal for the seedling.



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