How to Prune Miss Kim Lilac Bushes

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The Miss Kim lilac is also called Miss Kim Manchurian lilac and Syringa pubescens. It is a smaller variety of lilac bush that will reach a height of 6 or 7 feet. This variety is very fragrant and its dark-green foliage turns deep red in the cool fall months. Heavy pruning of Miss Kim lilacs is not required; however, light pruning will improve the appearance of this bush.

Step 1

Wait until early to midsummer, then examine the Miss Kim lilac bush for branches that have few or no leaves. Cut these branches off near the base of the bush with hand pruners or loppers. This will redirect the plant's energy to its healthier portions.


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Step 2

Look at the bush to locate the longest, tallest branches. Prune off one-third of these branches, using hand pruners or loppers. Make each cut as close to the base of the branch as possible. This opens up the plant and encourages additional branch development the following spring.

Step 3

Remove lilac blooms from the bush when they start turning brown. Trace the flowering stem back to where horizontal shoots emerge from it. Cut the flower off just above the first set of horizontal branches, using hand pruners.



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