Growing an apricot tree from a seed is a fun and easy family project. Save the seed from any apricot, but consider starting seeds from few varieties for some diversity in your orchard. After starting the seed, it will take three to five years before the first apricots appear on the tree, according to Mother Earth News. These apricots will be different from the parent apricot that provided the seed.

Apricot orchard with fruits close-up, late Spring
credit: Tom Brakefield/Stockbyte/Getty Images
You can grow an apricot tree from the fruit'spit.

Step 1

Clean off the apricot pits. Leave them on the counter or window sill for a few days so they dry out.

Step 2

Crack the dried apricot pits open with a nutcracker or a hammer. Take care not to damage the almond-shaped seed inside each pit.

Step 3

Place the seeds in a dish of room-temperature water and allow them to soak overnight. The next day, place them in a jar or container with potting soil that is slightly damp. Cover the jar or container.

Step 4

Put the jar or container in the refrigerator to mimic the effects of a cold winter. Check the jar after a month to see if any roots have sprouted. Apricots typically take four to six weeks to sprout, according to Mother Earth News.

Step 5

Plant the sprouts if it's a month before the typical last frost date in your region; otherwise, keep them in the refrigerator a while longer. When it's time to plant, fill cleaned yogurt containers or milk cartons with a high-quality potting soil. Plant the sprouts in these containers and place them in a sunny area of your house.

Step 6

Plant your apricot seedlings in the garden when the danger of frost is past. Choose a sunny site with well-drained soil that has a neutral pH -- add lime if a soil test indicates a low pH. Plant each seedling in a 3-foot-tall mound if the soil in your garden usually stays wet after it rains. For best pollination, plant your apricot seedlings near other varieties of apricots.