How to Root Azaleas From Established Plants

Rooting azaleas from established plants is an easy way to have additional plants. Rooting your own azaleas is practically free, and you propagate many new plants from a single azalea bush. Even if you have just a 6-inch pot, you can have as many as 20 to 30 cuttings taking root. The best time to take your cuttings is in the latter part of May or early June.

Azalias are easily propagated by stem cuttings.

Step 1

Fill a container with pre-moistened peat moss. Add just enough water to make the peat moss damp, not soggy wet. Firm the peat moss down slightly.

Step 2

Remove a piece of your established azalea with a sharp knife. The cutting should be 3 to 4 inches long. When you take the cutting, make sure it is from new growth. New growth is green and pliable.

Step 3

Remove the leaves on the bottom half of the stem cutting.

Step 4

Place the bottom end of your cutting into water and then shake off the excess. Stick this end into rooting hormone. Rooting hormone helps to speed up the rooting process.

Step 5

Stick the end with the rooting hormone into the peat moss. Cuttings should go in 1½ or 2 inches deep. Firm the peat moss around the cutting.

Step 6

Straighten two wire clothes hangers. If you don't want to use a clothes hanger, almost any wire will work as long as it is strong enough to hold up a plastic bag. Bend the wire into a U shape and then stick the ends of the wire into the pot. They should cross or make an X at the top. The wires will hold the plastic bag away from the azalea cuttings.

Step 7

Place the pot of azaleas with the wire supports into a large plastic bag. Tie the plastic bag shut at the top of the wire supports.

Step 8

Find a shady area of your yard, such as the north side of the house and place the pot there. Leave the pot alone for two to three weeks before checking on the azalea cuttings.

Step 9

Open the bag and gently pull up on one of the cuttings. If the cutting comes out easily, stick the stem back into the peat moss. Tie the bag closed again.

Step 10

Check the cuttings once a week until they are rooted.

Step 11

Fill 4-inch pots with potting soil when the azalea cuttings have rooted. Transplant the rooted cuttings into the pots or you can transplant the cuttings into a cool, shady area of your garden.