How to Grow My Own Seeds With an AeroGarden

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The AeroGarden indoor planting system uses a dirt-free growing system known as Aeroponics that circulates oxygen, nutrients and water over the roots of growing plants to produce plants faster than if they were growing in a garden. Most AeroGarden kits come with seed packets that combine plants, herbs and vegetables known to grow at the same temperature and nutrient usage so that they can thrive equally in the AeroGarden. If you want to plant your own seeds, you can do so with the Grow Anything kit, but you must mix seeds, or plant only one type of seed, that you know will grow together nicely.


Step 1

Lift up the grow deck of your AeroGarden and fill the chamber below with distilled water. Replace the grow deck and make sure it is securely in place.

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Step 2

Insert three seeds into each seed pod you intend to plant. Set the seed pods into the holes in the grow deck so that they are inserted as far as they will go.


Step 3

Program the Smart Garden system at the bottom of the AeroGarden per specific instructions from the Grow Anything kit. The guide included in the kit will tell you how to set the program for nutrient distribution and light requirements; these requirements will vary by plant. The system will alert you when it is time to add more water or nutrients.

Step 4

Inspect your AeroGarden weekly. Check to make sure all grow bulbs are working. Prune away any damaged or dead pieces of your plants and remove all debris from the grow deck so that it does not decompose and add additional chemicals to the grow system. Check for insects. You can also prune for appearance or size, if you desire.



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