How to Take Care of Keepsake Azalea Trees

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The Keepsake azalea is a potted azalea developed by Yoder Brothers, Inc., and marketed as an indoor azalea plant. Grown in greenhouses, these plants are sold as gifts by florists and specialty stores. The Keepsake azalea is often called a "Rozalea" due to its petals, which look like those of a rose. These fragile evergreen azalea trees cannot tolerate cold temperatures and frequently suffer from under-watering. With proper care, however, these keepsake plants can provide brilliant blooms throughout the growing season.


How to Take Care of Keepsake Azalea Trees
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Location, Location, Location

Choose the proper location for your Keepsake azalea tree. Many people want to display their beauty proudly, but these delicate plants need to be kept away from drafty areas such as heater vents or leaky windows. They should also not be placed in direct sunlight. Instead, place in a temperate, protected location in the home where it can get indirect sunlight.



Keepsake azaleas need to be well watered. Each week plunge the pot into a container of water. This allows the peaty potting mix to become well hydrated. Do not soak for an excess amount of time because this can drown the roots. Mist it daily with a spray bottle for best results.

Azalea Care

Pluck any spent blooms off the Keepsake azalea tree immediately. This will direct the plant's energy to developing new blooms and keep it blooming longer.


Giving It A New Home

After flowering, re-pot your Keepsake azalea in a pot that is no more than 1 to 2 inches larger than the original pot it came in, which is usually 6 inches. Use a potting soil that is fortified with peat moss and make sure the container has drainage holes.

Ideal Conditions

Azaleas thrive in cool and humid growing conditions. They do best with a daytime temperature not exceeding 68 degrees Fahrenheit and between 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit at night. These plants need good light. Bright indirect light or partial sunlight all day is best. Direct sunlight all day can dry it out.


Winter Is Coming

Move the plant to a cooler location when winter arrives, but not a location that will fall below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. An unheated but not freezing garage with a window is ideal. Azalea house plants do not do well with cold weather. They need a temperature above 45 degrees Fahrenheit and they cannot tolerate frost. Moving these pants indoors allows them to thrive year round and can add some life and color to your home.



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