How to Take Care of a Banana Tree Plant

A fast growing plant, the banana tree reaches full size in only a matter of weeks after planting. This tropical plant produces flowers in groups known as hands, covered by purple bracts that die back once the fruit stems of the banana plant develop. Grown best under hot conditions, a banana tree plant will die if exposed to temperatures lower than 20 degrees F. Therefore, potting is a necessity for banana tree growers in many parts of the U.S. Care is moderate, especially when it comes to temperature and humidity concerns.

Banana tree plants grow well under hot conditions.

Step 1

Grow your banana tree plant in an appropriate pot. A pot that measures between 6 and 8 inches in diameter should suffice. The pot should also contain drainage holes.

Step 2

Set the banana tree plant in a location that receives a minimum of 12 hours of bright light. A constant daytime temperature of 80 degrees F is also preferred, along with an evening temperature of approximately 67 degrees F.

Step 3

Maintain a relative humidity as close to 50 percent as possible. If your home tends to have drier air, run a humidifier. An extremely damp home will require a dehumidifier.

Step 4

Water the soil around the banana tree plant each time the top 1/2 inch layer of soil dries out. Water deeply, allowing the water to flow through each layer of soil and out the drainage holes.

Step 5

Feed your banana tree plant a balanced fertilizer. Apply the fertilizer according to manufacturer's instructions. Most banana tree plants appreciate a dose of fertilizer with each watering.