Aside from providing your indoor palm plants with light, moisture and an occasional dose of fertilizer, it is important to remove the dead fronds now and then. While some palms drop their fronds (leaves) immediately when they die, others hang on to them for quite a bit longer. Removing dead or damaged fronds keeps the palm tree looking tidy. It also help prevent overgrowth that can change the overall appearance of the palm.

Do not remove green fronds during trimming.

Step 1

Pinch off any dead or hanging fronds, using your fingertips. Dead fronds are those that appear yellow or brown.

Step 2

Prune dead stems, using pruning shears or sharp scissors. Cut the dead stems 1 inch from the base of the main stem.

Step 3

Neaten the palm by trimming away any new growth that develops at the base of the tree, using your pruning shears. Do this weekly if you prefer a manicured look for the palm.