Pepperoncini peppers belong to the mild hot pepper group of of pepper plants. The peppers are served fresh, cooked or pickled. Pepperoncinis are typically used in the yellow-green stage. You can leave them on the plant until they develop an orange-red color, but pepperoncini aren't typically ripened to the full stage. Picking the peppers during the yellow-green period results in a crisp pepper that withstands pickling well and retains the characteristic flavor and texture of the pepperoncini.

Pepperoncini are similar to banana peppers is shape and color.

Step 1

Inspect the color and skin condition of the pepper. Harvest the peppers when they are evenly yellow-green in color and when the skin has become glossy. Dull-skinned pepperoncini haven't ripened sufficiently.

Step 2

Press lightly on the pepperoncini. Harvest those that have developed firm flesh and avoid those that are thin or flimsy.

Step 3

Cut the ripe pepperoncini from the plant with shears, leaving 1/2 inch of the stem attached. Don't pull the pepper off the plant, as this damages the plant and the pepper.

Step 4

Place the pepperoncinis in a plastic storage bag or container. Store the peppers in the vegetable crisper drawer of the refrigerator for one to three weeks before using or preparing them for long term storage.