How to Harvest Mint

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Containers

  • Dry storage area


Mint picked early in the morning will have a stronger smell and flavor. Mint is always best when it is used fresh from the plant.


Mint that is left to dry will lose some of its flavor. Never take all the leaves off of one mint plant at once; this may stunt the plant's growth.

How to Harvest Mint. Mint is a fragrant and useful herb. When harvested, mint can be used to make tea, prepare bath and body products and used medicinally for indigestion. Use the following tips to harvest and enjoy a batch of fresh mint.

Step 1

Determine the amount of mint you need to harvest.

Step 2

Cut mint, using a pair of scissors. If possible, cut leaves from the top of the mint plant. This allows the plant to branch out and grow more leaves towards the bottom of the plant.

Step 3

Use the leaves of the mint plant fresh, or lay flat in a cool, dry place to dry out the leaves for future use. Harvested mint leaves may also be frozen whole in an airtight container.