How to Attach a Wood Fence to a House

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If you erect a fence around your yard, you may use your house as part of the fence to minimize costs and the amount of work. To do so, you must secure a wooden fence post to the side of your house, ensuring no gaps are between the house and the fence. By securing the post to your house, you avoid digging any holes near your home's foundation.

Step 1

Drill four evenly spaced holes through your fence post, using the hand drill and a ½-inch drill bit.


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Step 2

Place the lag bolts through the post and measure the length of the bolt that sticks out from the back of the post, using the tape measure. Allow at least 2 inches of lag bolt to protrude from the post.

Step 3

Place the fence post against house and place a bubble level against the side of the post. Position the post so it rests plumb against the house and mark the holes located on the post onto the house.


Step 4

Drill holes into the house with the hand drill. If you're drilling into a wood wall covered with siding, use a drill bit approximately half the size of the lag bolt. If you're drilling into masonry, use a drill bit large enough so the wall anchor can fit into the hole. The holes need to be deep enough to accommodate the bolts or wall anchor.

Step 5

Fill the holes with silicone caulk. It is important to protect the inner wall from moisture.


Step 6

Slide the wall anchors into the wall if you are securing the post to masonry.

Step 7

Place the post against the wall and bolt the post to the wall with the lag bolts. Thread the lag bolts into the fence post as far as you can with your fingers. Place the socket onto the head of the bolts, then turn the ratchet handle clockwise to tighten the lag bolts in place.



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