John Deere Gator 6X4 Specifications

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The John Deere Gator 6x4 is a utility vehicle made by a leading manufacturer of construction, farm and lawn equipment. Gator is a line of cargo transportation vehicles meant for off-road use in farming or construction work. The Gator 6x4 is an economy model that is useful for stadium maintenance, construction sites or ranches, according to the John Deere website.


The Gator 6x4 is a two-cylinder, four-cycle gas engine with 19 horsepower. It is air cooled and has a screw-on oil filter. It has a displacement of 675 cc and overhead valves. There is also a Gator 6x4 model with a diesel engine. This engine is a four-cycle with three cylinders and liquid cooling. It has 20 horsepower and 875 cc displacement.


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The Gator 6x4 seats two and has a height of 43.6 inches and a width of 60 inches. It is 105.9 inches long without the bumper and 108.4 inches long with the bumper. The payload capacity and the towing capacity are both 1,400 lbs.`

Fuel and Steering

The vehicle has a five-gallon fuel tank and and an average fuel consumption rate, allowing for a half load and traveling at an average speed, of .035 gallons per hour. The steering is rack and pinion with a turn radius of 12.3 feet.



The Gator 6x4 has a low center of gravity, which increases stability on inclines and when traveling at higher rates of speed, according to the John Deere website. The top speed is 20 mph. The vehicle has a 25-inch cargo box, glove box, 12-volt outlet and cup holders. The rear wheels provide four-wheel drive when increased traction is needed.



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