How to Install a Crush & Run Driveway

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Crush and run gravel is made from tiny pieces of gravel that is mixed with limestone. This is a useful top layer for gravel driveways because the limestone sticks together when wet, helping the driveway last longer. Crush and run gravel driveways are affordable and can last for years if they are properly maintained. Rake a crush and run driveway at least once a year to keep it in shape and the gravel in position.


Step 1

Determine the best location for the driveway by evaluating the landscaping and choosing the most direct path that doesn't need any trees removed and has well-draining land.

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Step 2

Map out the driveway using a measuring tape, twine and stakes. Install the stakes and twine to mark one side of the driveway. Measure 10 feet from the twine marker to determine the driveway's other boundary. Install stakes and rope along the other side. Remeasure the width periodically to ensure it is 10-feet wide throughout the entire length.


Step 3

Dig a trench for the driveway that is 1 foot deep. You can do this by hand using a shovel if the driveway is short and you don't mind the work. However, it is easier to rent a digger to remove the soil.

Step 4

Lay landscaping fabric in the trench so that it overlaps at the joints. The landscaping fabric keeps the silt in place and stops weeds from growing up in the road. Cut the landscaping fabric to fit using a utility knife.


Step 5

Fill the trench with your base layer of stones to a depth of 6-inches. Use fist-size stones. Spread the stones using a metal rake. Tamp them in place with a mechanical roller, which you can rent from a home supply store.

Step 6

Apply the middle layer of stones, using golf-ball-size stones, and tamp them in place with the mechanical roller. Apply to a depth of 6 inches.


Step 7

Finish the driveway with 4 inches of crush and run gravel. Cover the driveway with the gravel and tamp it in place using the mechanical roller. Create a crown on the driveway by making an arch in the middle, this allows the driveway to drain easily when it rains.

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