How to Divert a Natural Water Spring

Collections of natural spring water in your yard can give the family dog a place to cool off on a hot day, but groundwater traveling from the spring could also be a problem for your home. Spring water comes from aquifers, groundwater in layers of limestone and sandshell, similar to a sponge. Water flows freely through these layers of rock into springs, which naturally form at the bottom of hills. If a home is caught in this water system, it could suffer from water damage. Diverting this water can be done in several ways.

Natural water springs can provide homes with drinking water if the water is checked and treated on a regular basis.

Step 1

Pick a property that has a natural slope in it. This will create a natural pathway for groundwater and make it easier for you to divert it.

Step 2

Dig a trench on the uphill slant of your property and continue to wrap the trench around your home. The trench will take the water around the home and flow past the foundation instead of through it.

Step 3

Find the spot where water congregates frequently and dig a pit for the water. Pits need a water pump and to be pumped out regularly or the site could become flooded.

Step 4

Secure the perimeter of your home with washed gravel. Water freely travels through this gravel and will chose this path instead of the side of your foundation.

Step 5

Chose and install a waterproof foundation system from your home. Contractors will know the best system for your house and how to install it properly.

Sara Gaul

Sara Gaul began writing in 2008 at her college newspaper "The Duquesne Duke." Along with being published in "The Duquesne Duke," she interned at Culture Saving, a start-up online magazine. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Duquesne University.