How do I Measure for a Replacement Canopy Cover?

There any many designs of canopy covers available in both rectangular and square shapes. Canopy covers fit onto a framework and are secured in place with hook and loop tape. Canopy covers protect boats and cars from the elements or may be over a gazebo providing shade or rain protection during a gathering. Measuring the canopy frame correctly ensures that the cover will fit the frame without sagging or pulling the framework out of square.

Canopies come in different sizes so measure with care.

Single-Tier Canopies

Step 1

Place the end of a measuring tape on the outer edge of one canopy leg and measure to the adjacent leg, noting the length.

Step 2

Measure the second leg to the third. Square canopy frames will have identical measurements for the length and width.

Step 3

Many square replacement canopies come in basic stock sizes of 8-by-8 feet, 10-by-10 feet and 12-by-12 feet. Do not estimate the size of your canopy.

Two-Tier Canopies

Step 4

Measure the canopy structure in the same manner as a single-tier canopy to obtain the size of the bottom tier. Record the measurements noting which tier has which measurement.

Step 5

Use a ladder to measure the top tier exactly, as estimates will not work with this project. Place the tip of the measuring tape exactly on the end of one top tier post and measure the distance between two of the four top tier posts moving from one post to the next.

Step 6

Two-tier canopies are always square in shape, so you only need to obtain the measurement from two sides.