How to Secure a Metal Gazebo Frame to a Cement Patio

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Outdoor gazebos are attractive and convenient additions to cement patios. Use wedge anchors to attach a metal gazebo frame to a cement patio to keep it secure against wind and other elements. After wedge anchors are inserted into the patio, the gazebo legs can be bolted directly into place. Using wedge anchors will allow you to remove the gazebo easily for storage during winter months, because the hardware features threaded bolts and removable nuts.


Step 1

Construct the gazebo following the manufacturer's instructions in the desired location on the patio.

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Step 2

Place a level on one leg of the gazebo to make sure it is plumb.

Step 3

Using a drill with a 1/2-inch-diameter masonry bit, slide the bit tip through the ready-drilled slot at the bottom of the leg so it rests against the concrete.


Step 4

Drill a hole straight down into the concrete surface where the leg will be attached. Slide the gazebo leg to the side to expose the drilled hole in the surface.

Step 5

Clean out the hole using a bristle pipe brush. Suck out any dust that may be left over by using a shop vacuum equipped with a hose. Place a wedge anchor into the hole and tap it into place with a hammer. Remove the wedge anchor nut and set the gazebo leg back over it.


Step 6

Slip a washer over the wedge anchor bolt and thread onto the nut. Tighten the nut with a ratchet equipped with a 9/16-inch socket until the wedge feature is fully engaged.

Step 7

Repeat the process for every gazebo leg. Cover the exposed anchor nuts with a rustproof spray paint in the same color as the gazebo legs.



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