How to Attach a Trellis to the Top of a Fence

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Adding trellis to the top of the fence makes the structure more appealing.

Fences are important borders for yards and gardens. They can protect tender plants and provide security for your property. Most people assume that when you they select security fencing for their yard they are going to have to install a solid wall of wood, plastic, or metal.
Adding a trellis on the top of a wooden fence can create an interesting architectural element that provides security but maintains ascetic desirability.


Step 1

Plan for the trellis as the fence is installed. The use of longer fence posts from the start allows the trellis to be nailed directly onto the post and is by far the best option.

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Step 2

Modify the existing post with wood battens. There are two methods of extending fence posts to attach a trellis to an existing fence the first is by joining an extra length of post to each existing post with wooden battens. Secure sturdy battens to join the extra length of post to the existing one, overlapping each. Then attach the trellis to the extra post using galvanized nails.


Step 3

Mount the trellis to the extended post. The second method of extending the fence post is to add install new wood or use metal post extensions - metal fixtures that slot over the top of the existing post - into which you slide the additional post. Remove the post cap and fit the post extension Insert the extra length of wooden fence post and replace the post cap. Nail on the trellis.

Step 4

Cap the post. For both methods yours are likely to want to add metal caps to the post after adding the trellis


Step 5

Frame the top of the trellis. Finish the trellis by adding a strip of wood framing along the top of the fence and trellis and if possible the bottom.

Step 6

Stain or paint the trellis to match the fence. If the trellis is not already made of treated wood this step is critical otherwise it is more of a ascetic choice.


Step 7

Plant a climber and train it. A vigorous climber should cover ugly joins after a season or two. Simple plant the climber and use string to guide it up to the trellis.

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