A Do-It-Yourself Pebble Concrete Pavement

Seeding pebbles over the surface of wet concrete adds visual interest to pavement. Creating an exposed pebble finish on pavement is a do-it-yourself task that only slightly increases the total cost of the project. Pebbled concrete forms a level, slip-resistant surface that suits driveways, walkways or patios. Choose smooth, colorful pebbles that complement existing colors in your yard.

Pebbles add color and texture to concrete

Step 1

Measure the area and add 3 inches to the sides for the form boards. Outline the site with landscaping paint, tracing the side of a board so the lines are straight.

Step 2

Unearth the area with a shovel until there's an 8-inch-deep expanse with vertical walls. Press the bottom of a hand tamper over the surface so the loose dirt feels compact.

Step 3

Add 3/4-inch aggregate into the expanse and spread it with a shovel. Insert a measuring stick through the aggregate to the compacted subsoil. Tamp the aggregate and add more to create a 5-inch-thick base. The tamped base is flexible enough to buffer the concrete from ground tension and enable water to drain away.

Step 4

Fit 2-by-4 inch form boards against the inner walls and screw them together with a drill. Brace the boards with wooden posts around the outer perimeter.

Step 5

Mix concrete mix in a large wheelbarrow with water using a paddle and drill. The composition should be thick, but spreadable

Step 6

Pour the mixture over the base using a gauge rake to fill the corners and sides. Place a wood board on the wet surface and pull it back and forth to make it level.

Step 7

Lay decorative pebbles over the concrete with a shovel. Spread any small piles with a broom for even coverage. Lay a board over top and press the pebbles into the concrete. Wait about two hours so the surface can start to set.

Step 8

Push off the thin coating of cement paste around the sides of the stones with a soft broom. Expose only the top of the pebbles so they remain firmly embedded in the concrete. Hose off the cement you removed.

Step 9

Cover the pavement with moist, breathable fabric and keep it moist for a week.

Step 10

Seal the pavement with clear, penetrating sealant using a roller brush to guard against water damage and wear and tear.