How to Make White Concrete

Concrete is used to create strong foundations, building structures and also has strong architectural elements. It can be made into a variety of colors depending on the elements you put into the mixture, and the mix is fairly simple to make. Making white concrete will require several materials and supplies, so once you have everything gathered, you can begin.

Make white concrete.

Step 1

Put on your gloves and goggles. Do not take any safety gear off until the concrete mix is made.

Step 2

Use the shovel to scoop two parts white sand into one bucket and then scoop one part white Portland cement into the other bucket.

Step 3

Put the cement into the wheelbarrow first, moving it around with the dowel to make a small well, and then pour the sand into the well. Stir with the garden hoe or dowel until well combined.

Step 4

Pour in small amounts of water as needed using the measuring cup. Only use enough to keep the mixture from becoming too thick. It should be pasty and not runny.