Cedar fences are made with cedar, which is a wood that is very strong and resistant to rot, moisture and damage from insects. Cedar can withstand weather elements and doesn't shrink and swell like many other types of wood. All these qualities help cedar fences last for up to 20 years.


Cedar fences are lightweight and have colorful tones and rich-looking grains. Another reason cedar fences last so long is cedar doesn't crack easily. This is because it's a stable wood that stays flat and straight. Western red cedar is a type of cedar wood that has natural oils which preserves it and makes it highly durable. Cedar fences made from northern white cedar also don't warp and are resistant to decay. White cedar has less natural acidic tannins to preserve it so it may not last as long as western cedar.


The long length of time that cedar fences last is one of the excellent benefits of choosing a cedar fence. These fences are made of a high-quality natural wood. Western red cedar is very water-resistant which makes it ideal for a wood fence. Cedar also has pores that interlock which may help lower the noise around your neighborhood. Cedar fences don't need a finish because of their natural preservatives. If your cedar fence is touching the ground, it may be best to apply a finish.


Cedar wood fences can be used for many purposes including privacy, boundary markers and to add beauty to your home and landscape. Cedar fences are beautiful on both sides. Since they last for so many years you don't need to worry about replacing them very often. You can select a cedar fence from a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Cedar wood fences are a perfect alternative to wood fences that are treated with chemicals. Over time a cedar fence will naturally age to an attractive silver gray color.


The moisture resistant features of cedar fences help maintain their durability and beauty. Cedar is hydroscopic which means water is absorbed very quickly similar to a sponge. Western red cedar will release moisture after it absorbs it until it reaches balance in its environment. Cedar can be exposed to things that usually would make wood rot and it still lasts because of its natural resistance to decay. Western red cedar lasts longer than other North American softwoods.


Cedar fence wood comes in different grades such as clear and knotty. One grade of western red cedar is "clear vertical grain heart" grade. This type of cedar grade is decay resistant, stable and can hold finishes. Another western cedar grade is called "A clear" which is pieces of mixed vertical and flat grain. It's an ideal choice for a cedar fence. Northern white cedar is an excellent grade of wood. Different grades of cedar make a difference in the look of cedar fences. Some fences may look more stylish or elegant and others rustic or country. Solid stains shouldn't be used on a clear cedar grade or you'll cover up the natural color.