How to Attach 2 X 6 Wood Boards to a Metal T Post

Metal T-posts are easy to install and do not rot in the ground as when fencing with wooden posts. Using T-posts for the vertical posts and adding 2-by-6 boards along the top, bottom and middle form a sturdy fence with support in both directions. Further support is obtainable in each corner and on each terminal post by attaching the horizontal boards and a diagonal T-post.

Horizontal Attachments

Step 1

Hold the metal T-post firmly in one hand with the tabs partially covering the holes facing you. Place a pair of pliers on the metal tab and bend it straight out at a 90-degree angle to the post. For a vertical attachment, bend the top, middle and bottom tabs out. To attach 2-by-6 boards vertically, bend the tabs on the top for a top rail, the bottom for a bottom rail and the center for a center rail.

Step 2

Hold a 2-by-6 board up to the metal T-post in the position for attaching them. Mark a dot through the holes in the T-post onto the wood.

Step 3

Drill a hole on each dot on the wood entirely through the board.

Step 4

Hold the board up to the T-post, and slide a bolt through the board and the post.

Step 5

Screw a nut on the protruding end of the bolt. Turn the nut clockwise to hand tighten.

Step 6

Hold one pair of adjustable pliers on the bolt head and place the second pair on the nut. Turn the nut clockwise to tighten while holding the bolt head in position.

Step 7

Repeat this procedure for each 2-by-6 board and metal T-post.

Diagonal Attachments/Corners

Step 8

Place a T-post on the ground at a 45-degree angle to a wooden 2-by-6 in a corner.

Step 9

Pound the T-post into the ground until the crossbar at the bottom is under ground level.

Step 10

Slide a wood connector over the top of the T-post, and place it on the 2-by-6 with the flat side touching the wood. Each of the screw holes should touch the 2-by-6.

Step 11

Place a screw in each of the holes, and drill them into the wood to form a corner support.