How to Install 4-Foot-Tall Field Fencing With T-Posts

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Field fencing that incorporates T-posts provides a relatively inexpensive, easy-to-install and practical means to mark borders or keep domestic animals in and wildlife out of a given area. Using T-posts eliminates the need for digging, allowing rapid placement. Proper installation techniques, including using good post-setting and securely attaching correctly oriented wire to the T-posts, will help ensure that the fence will last for a long time and present few maintenance concerns.


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How to Install 4-Foot-Tall Field Fencing with T-Posts

Step 1: Place First Post into Ground

Use a post driver to pound the first post into the ground at either a planned corner or wherever the fencing will begin at an existing structure. On this and every post installed, make sure that the nobs on the posts face outward. Check each post for plumb with a level, making adjustments as needed.


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Step 2: Measure Between Each Post

Stretch out the measuring tape to the next planned corner. Pound the next corner post into the ground.

Step 3: Set Out Post to Pound

Place the posts on the ground, using the measuring tape to site them. In most cases, the posts for woven wire or field fencing should be about 10 to 14 feet apart; set them closer if there is a need for greater stability. Remove the measuring tape once all of the posts have been placed where they will be pounded in.


Step 4: Use String for a Straight line

Stretch a string or light wire between corner posts, if desired, to serve as a guide that will ensure that posts are installed in a straight line.

Step 5: Pound Posts into Ground

Pound all of the posts for that side of the fence into the ground.

Step 6: Ensure Fencing is Placed Properly

Unroll the fencing and rest it against the outside of the fence. Make sure the fencing is oriented correctly, with larger holes at the top and tighter weaving at the bottom, if there is variation in opening sizes.


Attach the fencing to the first corner T-post, beginning at the top. Wrap a wire clip around the back of the T-post, place the ends of the clip around the wire on either side of the post, and squeeze the ends of the wire clip with pliers to make tight fits around the fencing. Secure the fencing to the first post using four more clips spaced down the length of the T-post.

Step 8: Use a Fence Stretcher

Stretch the length of fencing between the corner post and the next post with a fence stretcher for best results, or pull the fencing taut by hand and attach the fencing to the post using five wire clips.


Step 9: Continue Stretching Until Finished

Repeat this stretching and attaching until the entire side is completed.

Step 10: Prepare the Next Side

Lay out the next side, and install any subsequent sides in the same manner as the first side.


For added security, install the corner posts in concrete.



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