How to Glue Broken Brick

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Restore your wall's appearance by gluing broken brick back into place.

Few things are as frustrating as discovering that your once-flawless brick wall or foundation has a chip out of the side. Replacing a single brick that has been placed in a structure is a big job. Instead of going through this hassle, you can glue the chip back into place.


Step 1

Clean both the brick and the brick chip with soap and water. Use a power washer to clean the brick within the structure if it's exceptionally dirty. Allow the brick to dry overnight, as it is porous.

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Step 2

Run a dry cloth over the exposed brick to remove any dust that may have accumulated overnight.


Step 3

Coat both the area where the chip came off and the chip itself with construction adhesive. Use a glue roller to ensure even coating.

Step 4

Press the brick chip into its niche in the brick, fitting it into place. Hold it in for at least 30 seconds until a bond forms and the pieces stick. Wipe away any oozing glue with a damp rag.

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