How to Hang Something From an Outside Stucco Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Drill

  • Masonry drill bit

  • Wood drill bit

  • Plastic wall anchors

  • Hammer

  • Silicone caulk


Do not drill in areas of the wall that may contain wiring or plumbing in the wall cavities.

Conventional stucco is a cement- and sand-based material applied in layers that dry to a hard, mortarlike finish. The stucco is backed by metal lath, building paper (tar paper) and structural wall sheathing, such as plywood. Hanging lightweight items from stucco walls requires only a simple plastic wall anchor that's tapped into a hole drilled through the stucco and wall sheathing. Note: If your wall is synthetic EIFS stucco, contact your home's builder or siding installer for recommendations on installing anchors; do not install anchors without professional guidance.


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Step 1

Hold the decorative item against the wall and use the pencil to trace inside the holes for the mounting screws.

Step 2

Drill through the center of each traced hole with the masonry bit. This bit will drill through the stucco (about 7/8 inch thick) easily but may slow when it hits the sheathing or a wall stud behind the sheathing. If necessary, switch to a wood bit to complete the hole. Drill about 1/8 inch deeper than the installation depth of the anchor.


Step 3

Fill each hole will silicone caulk. Insert an anchor into the hole and gently tap it flush to the wall surface with a hammer.

Step 4

Hang the item with corrosion-resistant screws driven into the anchors.



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