How to Calculate Brick Pavers for a Patio

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Calculator


Round up or down to the nearest 10 for the final calculation.

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Calculate the number of brick pavers needed for a patio to create a budget and be sure there will be enough, but not too many, to complete the project. Pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, use the same process to calculate how many pavers are needed for the patio no matter what the size or shape of the brick paver.


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Step 1

Measure the size of the top of the chosen style of paver. Measure curved pavers as though they are straight. Measure the longest area of circular pavers and use this measurement for both the length and width. Measure the longest area of oval pavers and use each of these measurements for length and width. Multiply these two dimensions to get the area the paver will cover in inches. For example, a 3½-inch-by-8-inch paver will cover a 28-inch area.

Step 2

Divide a square foot, or 144 inches, by the area the paver will cover. In the example of a 3½-inch-by-8 inch paver, divide 144 by 28 to get the number of pavers needed per square foot. In this example, 5.14 pavers will be required to cover 1 square foot of patio.


Step 3

Measure the area planned for the patio. Multiply the length times the width of the planned patio. For example, if a patio will be 15 feet wide by 25 feet long, the total square footage is 375 square feet. If there are extensions that are not part of the main patio, measure these sections separately, multiply the width times the length and add this additional square footage to the main patio section.

Step 4

Multiply the number of pavers needed to cover one square foot of patio by the number of square feet of the patio. In this example, 5.14 pavers are required per square foot for a patio that is 375 square feet. 5.14 times 375 equals just over 1,927 brick pavers required to complete the patio.


Step 5

Add 11 percent for breakage and trimming and spares. Taking 11 percent of 1,928, slightly over 212 pavers are required for overage. Add this to the amount needed, 1,928 for a total of 2140 brick pavers needed for the patio.