How to Kill Grass Between Patio Bricks Naturally

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Keep your brick patio free of weeds with a natural weed killer.
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Brick patios and walkways look amazing when they're clean and weed-free. Keeping them that way requires routine maintenance. Fortunately, you don't have to use chemical weed killers to get the job done. Several methods exist to kill grass between patio bricks naturally.


Manual Weed Removal Tools

The most affordable way to remove weeds from between patio bricks is to simply pull them up by hand. However, this can be hard on your fingers, hands, knees and back. In addition, manual removal is only effective if you can remove the root instead of the foliage. The roots will come up more easily after a rain, but you can also use several different tools to pull up roots in all conditions.

For example, a patio weeding tool features a sharp, thin blade bent into a 90-degree angle. By inserting this between patio bricks, you can get underneath the grass and weeds to sever their roots and pull them up. It also chops through stems to quickly give your patio a tune-up.


If you need a solution that requires less bending, a crevice weeder features a scythelike hook guided by two wheels. After attaching this contraption to a broom handle, you position the blade into the patio cracks and pull it toward you in short motions to dislodge weeds.

Fire Kills Grass Between Cracks

Another way to keep a brick patio free from grass and weeds is to use a blow torch. Designed specifically for this purpose, propane-powered weed torches feature a long handle that allows you to remain standing while you direct the flame toward the weeds. You can cover a lot of area in a short amount of time.


The grass and weeds will shrivel and burn when exposed to the flame. You do not need to completely disintegrate the weeds in order to damage them enough to kill them. Wait a day or two after burning the weeds to sweep up the remnants.

Of course, there are some dangers to using this method. It's a terrible product to use in an area prone to wildfires, and it's also important to keep kids and pets in the house during use. Don't use it on a patio where gasoline or any other flammable liquids have spilled and always keep the flame away from your legs and feet.


Use a Pressure Washer

Like a blow torch, a pressure washer allows you to cover a large area in a short amount of time. It's less dangerous than wielding a mini flame thrower but is just as fun. Point the high-powered stream of water at about a 45-degree angle at the patio cracks to blast out the weeds. Because grass has shallow roots, it's particularly easy to completely remove it from between bricks with this method.

Expect a significant amount of dirt to splatter over the patio (and your clothes) at the same time. Take care when using a pressure washer on old, crumbling bricks, as it could cause damage to the bricks themselves.


Pour Boiling Water on Weeds

You can pour boiling water on the weeds. Use an electric kettle to heat the water so that it's easier to transport and pour the water once it's done. Plus, electric kettles tend to boil water much more quickly than the average stove, which makes this chore less time-consuming.

This method is environmentally friendly, easy on the pocketbook and not very dangerous (just watch your toes when you start pouring that water). It's also quite effective at killing weeds. Don't forget to pull the dead weeds out of the cracks after a day or two to complete your patio's makeover.



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