The Average Price for a Cord of Firewood

When planning the perfect bonfire, it's no secret that securing the firewood is a necessity. Without a readily available source of timber, wood must be purchased. It's important to understand measurements and prices of firewood before making the purchase.

The cost of word varies with quality and type.


Firewood is measured by the cord. A full cord measures 4 feet in height, 4 feet in width and 8 feet in length. Wood is not typically sold by the full cord, but rather one third of a cord, known as a face cord.

Average Price

According to the Colestin Rural Fire District, the estimated price of a full cord of wood is $145, as of Autumn 2010. This price can increase with delivery costs from the seller. Picking up the wood personally can help avoid these extra fees and save money.

Price Variance

All wood is not the same, causing price differences. Slower growing hard woods, such as dogwood, red oak or hickory, typically cost more. More exotic fruity woods, which can produce an aromatic quality when burned, also cause the price to increase.