There are numerous types of cypress trees that all grow more than 30 feet tall with some reaching a height of more than 60 feet tall. Cypress trees have a wide-reaching root system, which typically spreads out in the same amount of distance as the tree's height. The roots are thick and strong and constantly expanding in every direction. Cypress trees planted near a house will often cause damage to the house foundation, pool deck and buried water pipes requiring home owners to kill and remove the cypress trees from their property. If a cypress tree is only partially destroyed, the tree will grow from the surviving portions. The only way to kill a cypress tree is to destroy it and completely remove all remains.

How to Kill Cypress Trees

Step 1

Cut down the tree with a hand held saw, chainsaw or axe, leaving only a short,bare stump. Cut into the tree from the opposite direction in which the tree is meant to fall.

Step 2

Purchase the spray version of any powerful herbicide. Herbicides are available at any store that sells plants, or plant-related products. Read all directions and warnings on the bottle prior to use.

Step 3

Treat the cypress tree stump with the herbicide. Spray or brush the herbicide onto the entire surface of the freshly cut stump. If the stump is not treated with a powerful herbicide the tree will grow again from the spot where it was cut. If there are plants or other trees located near the area where the herbicide will be used it is best to apply the chemical with a paint brush and coat the exposed area of the stump by hand.

Step 4

Dig out the dead stump from the ground. Be sure to also remove the entire root system from the ground. If the dead stump and the root system are not removed the tree may grow again from any parts that did not completely die.