How to Remove Mildew From a Silicone Caulk

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Things You'll Need

  • Vinegar

  • Spray bottle

  • Sponge

  • Baking soda

  • Bowl

  • Soft-bristled brush

  • Bleach or bathroom cleaning product containing bleach


Always wear a protective facial mask when cleaning mold or mildew. This protects you from inhaling it.

Always wear rubber gloves when working with bleach or product containing bleach.

The combination of warmth and moisture found in a bathroom provides an environment for mildew to grow and thrive in. Silicone caulk, especially that placed in a shower or bathtub, attracts mildew like a magnet due to the moisture it retains. Routine cleaning can help prevent mildew, but it doesn't necessarily stop it. Once mildew is spotted, clean it immediately to prevent it from spreading or leaving behind dark-colored stains.

Vinegar and Baking Soda.

Step 1

Pour vinegar into a spray bottle. Do not dilute the vinegar.

Step 2

Spray the mildew with a generous coating of vinegar. Allow the vinegar to sit in the mildew for two hours.

Step 3

Spray the mildew again with vinegar. Use a sponge to scrub away mildew. Repeat again until the mildew is removed.

Step 4

Mix equal parts of baking soda and water in a small bowl to form a paste. Use a soft scrubbing brush to rub the paste into any mildew stains. Allow the mixture to dry on the stain.

Step 5

Dampen a soft cloth with cool water. Wipe away the paste. Repeat the process until all of the stain has been removed.


Step 1

Combine 2 1/2 cups warm water with 1/2 cup of bleach in a spray bottle. Alternatively, you can use any bathroom cleaning spray containing bleach.

Step 2

Spray the mildew with a generous coating of bleach cleaner. Allow the bleach to work into the mildew for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3

Scrub away mildew using a water-dampened sponge. Repeat again until the mildew and leftover mildew stains are removed.


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