How to Remove Super Glue From Ceramic

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Things You'll Need

  • Cloth

  • Acetone

  • Scraper

  • Water


Warm soapy water may remove Super Glue, but is not as effective as acetone.


Acetone may damage or discolor the finish on some ceramic products. Spot test acetone on an inconspicuous area of the ceramic before applying it to the glue to make sure there will be no damage.

The producers of Super Glue try to make sure the product lives up to its name, and the product has won awards from Popular Mechanics, the Handyman Club of America and other product reviewers for its strength and reliability. Those who use the glue for work, craft projects and other endeavors appreciate its incredible holding power, but those who make mistakes with the product—spilling the glue or adhering something incorrectly—could be in some trouble. You can dissolve the bond of Super Glue to surfaces, including ceramic, with some careful work.


Step 1

Dampen a soft cloth or cotton swab with acetone, commonly found in nail polish remover and sold at hardware and home improvement stores.

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Step 2

Apply a small amount of acetone to the Super Glue on the ceramic. Use as little acetone as possible, since acetone can dry out your skin and potentially discolor the ceramic. Acetone will loosen the bond between the glue and the ceramic surface.


Step 3

Work at the glue with a scraper, the blunt edge of a piece of silverware or other scrubbing device. As the acetone dissolves the glue, it should begin to peel away from the ceramic. Be careful; do not scratch the ceramic surface as you work.

Step 4

Repeat acetone application and scraping until all glue is removed. Rinse the area with a clean rag dampened in warm water to remove residual acetone.