How to Remove Paint Thinner From Clothes

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Most people get paint on their clothes or other fabrics while working on a painting project. Paint thinner can help remove paint stains from clothes, but it often leaves an unpleasant odor on the garment. Washing this garment in the washing machine can spread the odor to other clothes, and even into the washing machine itself. If you need to remove the odor of paint thinner from fabric, a few basic household items do the trick.


Step 1

Rub the liquid detergent or dish soap into the paint thinner stain using a cloth or sponge. Rub in a gentle, circular motion and cover the entire stain.

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Step 2

Allow the detergent to set into the stain for about 10 minutes.

Step 3

Rinse the spot-treated area thoroughly with hot water, and let air dry.


Step 4

Repeat the process again as necessary until the paint thinner odor is gone.

Step 5

Launder the garment once the odor has dissipated in warm water either by hand or in a commercial washer if the garment will allow. If your washing machine has the option of adding an extra rinse cycle, use it to get out all of the extra soap in the garment. If your washing machine does not have the extra rinse option, hand wash the clothing a few times to ensure any residual soap is rinsed out.

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