The way you should remove glitter glue depends on two factors: the glue's base ingredient and the material it's stuck on. The approach for cleaning dried glitter glue from a hard surface differs from washing the still-wet epoxy from fabric. To get started, check if the glitter glue is water soluble or a super glue with a cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Glitter Glue on Cotton Fabric

Step 1

Heat your iron to the setting for cotton.

Step 2

Place a damp cloth over the stain.

Step 3

Heat the cloth to melt and loosen the glue. Use the cloth to wipe the glue away. If necessary, repeat the process with a clean cloth.

In the Laundry

Step 4

Wash the garment or fabric in the washer's heavy soil cycle for approximately 12 minutes.

Step 5

Add the non-chlorine bleach according to the package directions, and soak the garment in the machine for an hour. Then rinse.

Step 6

If the glue is not gone completely, wash the item again in the heavy soil cycle for 12 minutes.

Super Glitter Glue on Cotton Fabric

Step 7

Before using nail polish remover on a large portion of cotton material, test it on a small hidden area to make sure the dyes won't bleed.

Step 8

If the nail polish remover doesn't make the material bleed, dab it onto the area with the super glitter glue, ideally on the other side of the fabric, underneath the dried glue.

Step 9

Let the nail polish remover sit one to two minutes, and then attempt to remove the glue. If necessary, repeat the process.

Water-Soluble Glitter Glue on Carpet

Step 10

Apply soapy water with a damp rag and allow it to soak into the carpet for 10 to 20 minutes.

Step 11

Wipe up the glue. Repeat the process as necessary.

Removing Glitter Glue from a Hard Surface

Step 12

Soak a clean cloth with warm water and dish detergent. Apply it to the glue glitter stain. Rub it into the spot to remove residue.

Step 13

For larger stains with caked-on glue, use a plastic scouring pad to remove the extra residue.

Step 14

Soak a new clean cloth with warm water, and use it to clean the area of any extra residue or glitter. If necessary, repeat the process.