Fabric glue will help you bond fabrics without sewing them. It is useful in making hems, repairing fabric tears and completing crafts. Most fabric glue will be able to withstand cycles in your washing machine and dryer, so you'll have to employ other methods to remove it from fabric.

Dry-Cleaning Fabric

Most types of fabric glue withstand washing cycles but will not withstand dry-cleaning solution. To remove these types of fabric glue, dry-clean the fabric several times to loosen the fabric glue's hold on the fabric. Use a home dry-cleaning kit to do this. You may need to clean the fabric this way several times before you remove all of the fabric glue.

Using Dry-Cleaning Solution

If your fabric glue dissolves by dry-cleaning, you can also use dry-cleaning solution to remove fabric glue residue from the fabric. This is especially important if the fabric glue is in a crevice of the fabric that might not be very easily accessible. To use it, apply the dry-cleaning solution directly to the fabric glue until you remove it.

Removing Recently Applied Glue

Most fabric glue will take several hours or several days to set completely. Removing the fabric glue is easy if you catch it before it has set completely. To remove it, dab acetone on the fabric glue until it has dissolved from the fabric. Do not use this method on fabric that is water-sensitive.

Manually Removing Glue

Another way to remove dried and even set fabric glue is to scrape it off with a dull knife or the edge of a plastic credit card. Wedge the scraper underneath the piece of dried glue and gently push it until it pops off. This process generally works better if the glue has set and is brittle.