How to Clean Mold & Mildew From Inside a Canvas Pop Up Camper

Pop-up campers are a great luxury to have when you like to go camping in the wilderness but do not want to use a tent. They are compact and easy to travel with. Pop-up campers are made of strong canvas and are subject to mold and mildew, especially after it has rained and the pop-up camper was closed while still wet. Proper cleaning of the canvas within your camper is very important and can be achieved using household products.

How to Clean Mold & Mildew From Inside a Canvas Pop Up Camper

Step 1

Prep the area by cleaning the dirty spots of your camper using a moderately stiff-bristled brush and scrubbing away any excess dirt that may be on the canvas walls. If dirt spots remain, use a cloth and mild dish detergent mixed with water. Do not apply the soapy water directly to the canvas, apply it to the cloth first, and then use the cloth to scrub the area until it's clean.

Step 2

You can choose to use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to kill the mold and mildew within your pop-up camper. Hydrogen peroxide is the stronger of the two but can sometimes bleach the canvas. Vinegar will remove any smell from the mold and mildew but may take more applications.

Step 3

Using the vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, apply the substance directly onto the mold and mildew. Allow the vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to sit for about 15 minutes.

Step 4

Brush the area with the brush. Use the cloth, and rinse with water to remove any excess vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. This process may have to be repeated to remove the mildew or mold stain completely, especially for deep, stubborn mildew or mold.