How to Get Nail Polish Off of Bedding

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Be careful not to spill polish when polishing your nails in bed.

A relaxing evening spent painting your fingernails and toenails while sitting in bed and watching television can quickly turn into a nightmare if you accidentally spill the bottle of nail polish on your bedding. A spilled bottle of nail polish will quickly soak through your bedding and leave a terrible mess. Even if you are careful with your nail polish bottle, make one wrong move and your freshly painted fingernails or toenails will smear your bedding with nail polish. Before throwing away an expensive bedding set due to an accident, try removing the nail polish stain while it's still fresh.


Step 1

Remove any excess polish that has pooled up on your bedding with a spoon. Wiping excess polish or attempting to soak it up will simply smear the polish and leave you with a dripping paper towel and a bigger mess.

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Step 2

Lay a thick stack of paper towels down on a flat flooring surface. Place the damaged bedding, stain side down, on the paper towels. Dampen a washcloth with acetone. Blot the back of the stain with the acetone-covered washcloth. This transfers the stain to the stack of paper towels. Continue blotting the stain with acetone until no more nail polish comes off on the paper towels.


Step 3

Rinse the area well with water. Blot the stained area until it is no longer dripping. Lay a fresh stack of paper towels out on the floor.

Step 4

Place the stained bedding, stain side down, on the new stack of paper towels. Dampen a washcloth with dry cleaning solvent and blot at the stain until no more nail polish comes off on the stack of paper towels.


Step 5

Lubricate the stain with mineral oil or banana oil. Let the oil sit on the stain for 15 minutes. Wash away the oil with dry cleaning solvent.

Step 6

Treat the stain with a prewash stain remover. Launder the bedding.



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