How to Fix Leather Boots That Got Scraped

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Things You'll Need

  • Plant-based oil

  • Soft cloths

  • Kitchen towel

  • Pure lanolin cream

  • Pin or toothpick

  • Leather pigment touch up

  • Artist's paintbrush

  • Cake shoe polish

  • Leather protector

Regular maintenance will keep leather boots looking great.

Good quality leather boots should last you for a lifetime, but you will need to give them a little care and attention to keep them looking great. It's impossible to completely avoid scraping leather footwear. Scratches may be caused by cats or walking, running or working on rough surfaces. The most appropriate treatment for your scraped leather boots depends on the severity of the damage. Even boots with deep scratches, however, can be transformed without too much difficulty.

Light Scratches

Step 1

Dab a small amount of plant-based oil, such as sunflower oil, castor oil or olive oil, onto a soft cloth or kitchen towel.

Step 2

Rub gently until the oil soaks into the leather.

Step 3

Buff the leather with a soft cloth. You should find that any small scrapes and scratches are less visible and the leather looks healthier.

Medium Scratches

Step 1

Rub a soft cloth in pure lanolin cream.

Step 2

Buff the scrapes, working in the direction of any raised edges, not against them.

Step 3

Repeat the process until the scrapes are softened and less visible. If you notice the lanolin darkening the leather, apply it to a larger area to blend it in.

Deep Scratches

Step 1

Tease up loose sections of leather created by deep scratches, using a pin or toothpick. Practice flattening them again until you can achieve a smooth surface. Tease them up again to allow you to apply leather pigment touch up to the underneath surface with an artist's paint brush. Flatten the sections carefully, pressing them down with the wooden end of your paint brush. Blot any excess color from the surface of the boots with kitchen towel.

Step 2

Rub a soft cloth into a cake shoe polish in a color to match your leather boots. Buff it into the scratch, making sure the shoe polish is completely absorbed. Blot excess polish from the surface with kitchen towel.

Step 3

Treat your boots with a leather protector. Follow the manufacturer's directions for use. Apply the product then leave it to dry overnight.