Once glue dries onto a surface, it can be hard to remove. Care has to be used to not damage the surface the glue is adhered to. Dissolve the glue as much as possible and then carefully scrape it off. If removing glue from fabric or carpet, test this removal method on a small area before trying it on the glue. This will keep the fabric or carpet from being bleached or stained.

Dried glue can be a challenge to remove.

Step 1

Pour the nail polish remover onto a cotton ball.

Step 2

Rub the cotton ball onto the dried glue. Try to get the glue as wet as possible with the acetone without drenching the surface.

Step 3

Slide a straight edge razor under the dried glue. Do not scratch or damage the surface.

Step 4

Wipe off any leftover glue residue with soap, water and a soft cloth.