How to Clean Dye Transfer Off Leather

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Dye transfer can ruin the clean look of a white leather couch.

Dye transfer occurs when a colored dye bleeds onto another piece of fabric. This usually happens when garments of contrasting colors, such as white socks and a red T-shirt, are laundered together. However, it can also occur when a wet garment comes in contact with another fabric for an extended period of time. If you accidentally tossed a pair of freshly washed blue jeans onto your leather couch, chances are you'll have a splotch of dye to remove.


Step 1

Make a mixture of two cups warm water, one tablespoon liquid dish soap and one tablespoon white vinegar.

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Step 2

Saturate a clean sponge with the mixture and blot the entire dye stain with it.

Step 3

Let the mixture permeate the stain for five minutes. Wet the sponge once more and re-blot until the stain disappears.


Step 4

Wet a soft cloth with cool water and wipe the leather clean.

Step 5

Dry the leather completely with a soft cloth. Treat the area with a leather conditioner if desired.



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