How to Get Concealer Out of Clothes

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Concealer can stand out on clothes.

Once concealer stains dry completely, you may need to spot clean the fabric before putting it in your washing machine. Liquid concealer works deep into the fabric, which requires you to agitate the cloth to completely remove the stain. Prevent stains by leaning toward your mirror when putting on makeup so that if you drop the concealer wand or drip the liquid, it won't fall on your clothes.


Step 1

Wet the concealer stain with water.

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Step 2

Rub bar soap directly over the concealer stain until a thick layer of soap is covering the concealer stain.

Step 3

Work the soap into the fabric with your fingers. Continue until the stain is gone.


Step 4

Flush the area with hot water and repeat the process with liquid dish soap if the clothes still look oily or greasy. Hand soap will remove the color of the concealer stain and liquid dish soap will remove associated oil stains.

Step 5

Launder the clothes as you normally would.



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