How to Remove Hair Color Stain From a Stainless Steel Sink

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When stainless steel has dye spots or streaks running along its shiny surface, they can be removed a few ways with natural ingredients.
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It can be fun to do, ramp up a dull style and increase confidence. Dying hair at home has become popular among young people who crave a few streaks of bright color and those who want a wash of fresh color to brighten dull hair. Whether it's a monthly or weekly ritual, dying your hair at home is convenient and affordable.


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It's also fairly messy. Preparing and thoroughly suturing your hair with over-the-counter dye from root to end requires meticulous work with your hands bent over your head for a relatively lengthy period of time. The inevitable spill or squirt in the wrong direction can mar the sink and countertops where you are completing this beauty ritual.

Solutions for Hair Dye Stained Sink

A hair dye stained sink is best taken care of when the accident is fresh.


When hair dye finds its way into the ceramic or porcelain bowl of the bathroom sink, it can be worrisome. However, if the hair dye spill is recent, then it can be quickly wiped up with a wet towel. Be sure to use a towel you don't mind damaging because the dye will not easily lift from the tiny cloth fibers.

If the stain begins to bloom after you have already started dying your hair, wait until you have completely finished the dye job. Once you have removed your gloves and secured any loose strands covered in dye, rinse out the sink and scrub it down. Blot any leftover stains with a clean cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol to fully remove the hair dye stain from the surface of the sink.


Natural Ingredients to Remove Hair Dye

Although the tidy hair dye package you bought at the store comes complete with gloves and a thick packet of instructions, you can't always protect the chemical solution from finding its way onto unprotected sink aprons, countertops, walls and even the floor.


When stainless steel has dye spots or streaks running along its shiny surface, they can be removed a few ways with natural ingredients. Rubbing alcohol, for example, is a natural stain remover and evaporates quickly. It also does a good job of lifting hair dye from skin without causing irritations or reactions in most people.

For older stains, make a paste of baking soda and water and leave it on the stain for a minimum of 15 minutes before scrubbing it away. The baking soda won't hurt the sink and can be left overnight if the stain is truly stubborn. A mix of 1 part cream of tartar to 2 part water can also reduce the dark mark of a hair dye chemical stain.


Hair Dye in the Shower

After all the work of meticulously placing the hair dye around the root and through the strands of your hair, it can be annoying when it finds its way to the walls or tub of your shower. Rinsing out hair dye in the shower can create splashes of the concentrated chemical solution onto the ceramic or plastic walls.


To reduce a cascade of tiny dyed drops collecting on the shower walls or cloth curtain, gently rinse the hair while lifting under the hair close to the scalp. Wring the hair under the running water until it is almost clear before vigorously massaging the scalp and working your way through the hair.


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