How to Get Pet Stains Out of Hardwood Floors

Pet urine or feces stains on your hardwood floor can happen whether your pet is young or old. Remove the pet stain and odor and restore your hardwood floor to it's pre-stained condition using supplies found in the home or at the hardware store. Always remove the stain promptly and thoroughly before the stain has a chance to discolor or soak into the wood. However, if you've just moved into a home with older pet stains or discovered an old stain from your pet, you can still successfully remove the stain and related odor.

Accidents on your hardwood floor are part of pet ownership.

New Pet Stains

Step 1

Scoop up any stain substance, such as fecal matter or vomit, using a plastic scraper. Dispose of the substance in a securely tied trash bag.

Step 2

Place paper towels on top of the remnants of the pet stain on the hardwood floor. Allow the paper towel to soak up any pet stain liquid, then change to fresh paper towels, if needed, until all the liquid is removed.

Step 3

Pour a liberal amount of baking soda over the site of the pet stain on your hardwood floor. Leave the baking soda on the hardwood floor overnight to absorb any remaining moisture and odor from the stain.

Your household vacuum comes in handy for many stain removal projects.

Vacuum the baking soda from the floor the next morning.

Step 5

Pour some undiluted white vinegar onto a clean cloth and rub it into the site of the stain on the hardwood floor. Vinegar is perfectly safe for your wood flooring and is a good natural cleaner.

Set-In Pet Stains

Step 1

Pour undiluted hydrogen peroxide onto the site of the old pet stain on your hardwood floor. Apply enough to saturate the area.

Step 2

Wet a clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide, then lay the cloth over the site of the stain.

Step 3

Place a piece of plastic wrap over the peroxide-soaked cloth to form a stain-removing poultice. Leave the poultice on the stain overnight to remove the old pet stain and any odor-causing bacteria.

Step 4

Remove the plastic wrap and cloth from your hardwood floor. Wipe the floor with a clean cloth dampened with a solution made of equal parts water and white vinegar. Dry the floor with a clean towel.

Always sand with the grain of the wood.

Sand your hardwood floor if any discoloration was caused by the old pet stain. Sand in the direction of the wood grain.

Step 6

Purchase an appropriately colored stain to touch up your wood floor. Use samples from the store to make the best match. Brush the stain onto your wood floor using a clean paintbrush.