How to Get White Towels Really White Again

Nothing is better than a set of brilliant white, fluffy towels to brighten up a bathroom. And, of course, nothing is worse than a set of dingy, gray towels to throw a shabby shadow over a bathroom décor. If your white towels have lost their luster, don't fret. Bring them back to life by employing a few simple, household remedies. These time-tested treatments are sure to make your towels brilliantly white again.


Bluing Solution

Fill washer with water.

Mix ¼ tsp. Mrs. Stewart's Bluing with 1 qt. cold water.

Add bluing solution to washer water.

Add towels to washer.

Launder towels in regular washer cycle.

Vinegar Solution for Hard Water

Soak towels in vinegar and hot water for two hours at least; overnight is best.


Hang towels in direct sunlight to dry.