How to Clean Mold From Paper

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Clean Mold From Paper

Mold is a fungus that grows and thrives in damp and musty places. It should be taken care of immediately because it can be dangerous. It also can spread quickly, causing more problems. Mold can grow on most things, including paper.


Step 1

Isolate the moldy papers in a dry place. Separate any papers with mold on them from each other and from other clean papers. The best place to move your moldy papers is outside.

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Step 2

Let your papers dry out. Mold will turn into a powder when it dries out. Lay your papers outside in direct sunlight for about an hour.


Step 3

Brush off the mold. Take a soft brush, like toothbrush or an eyebrow brush, and gently wipe off the dry mold onto some old newspaper. Wear rubber gloves, safety glasses (especially if it's windy) and a mask so that you don't inhale spores of mold or get mold on your hands. Carefully fold over the newspaper and discard it in an outdoor trash can.



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