How to Remove Pet Urine Stains From Grout

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Pet urine can ruin tile grout

Pet urine stains tile grout. Cleaning unsealed grout offers more of a challenge than sealed grout, as urine penetrates unsealed grout. To keep the pet from re-staining the same area, pet owners must also remove the urine odor. Basic cleaning products already found in the home will remove pet urine stains from unsealed grout. Sealed grout may need to be stripped, cleaned and sealer reapplied for successful results.


Step 1

Vacuum the area prior to stain removal.

Clear the area of all loose dirt, pet hair and debris using a vacuum or broom. Check sealed grout for evidence of cracks or deterioration


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Step 2

Use a sponge to clean grout.

Wipe the area down with a clean, wet sponge.


Step 3

Gloves protect hands.

Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands.


Step 4

Mix the clear vinegar with water in a bucket, using 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water, for stains on sealed grout. Clean stubborn pet urine stains on unsealed grout with full-strength vinegar. Apply the solution to urine stain with a sponge.

Step 5

Let the vinegar mixture sit for up to one minute. Scrub with scrub brush until urine stain begins to lighten. Let stand for another minute.


Step 6

Rinse stain with clean water and sponge. Apply antibacterial soap to the area and scrub with a scrub brush. Rinse soap off with clean water and sponge. Allow to dry completely.

Step 7

Apply baking soda to the area and add enough water to form a paste to remove the odor. Work the paste into the grout with a scrub brush. Let stand for one to two minutes and rinse off with clean water and a sponge.


Step 8

Clean stains on unsealed or tumbled marble tile with a product designed for these surfaces. Scrub with brush, wipe clean with sponge.

Step 9

Repeat entire process if urine stain is still visible.

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