How to Use a Black & Decker Steam Iron Advantage

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The Black & Decker Steam Advantage is an iron with added features. It can be used for dry ironing, steam ironing or as a steamer on clothing that is draped on a clothes hanger. It's amazingly convenient and even has a self-cleaning feature that ensures that the Steam Advantage stays in good condition for a long time. The easy fill feature also means no spills when setting up the iron.

How to Use a Black & Decker Steam Iron Advantage
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To put water into the iron, make sure it isn't plugged into an outlet. Then press down onto the top of the water fill cover to pop the top off.

Tilt the iron slightly and slowly pour water into the fill cup until the water reaches the line marked "MAX." Push up on the water fill cover until it snaps back into place. After that's one, plug the iron into an electrical outlet. You'll know it's working if the red power light comes on.

Steam Ironing

Turn the selector to the steam level you desire. Move the fabric dial to match the appropriate setting for the clothing you plan to iron. If you're unsure of what level to use, look at the clothing fabric label.

Wait for the indicator light to go out since this lets you know the Steam Iron Advantage is preheated and ready to use. This will take one to one-and-a-half minutes. Once the iron is heated it can be used like any other iron. The steam cycle is automatic and will steam clothing without any drips or leaks.

Dry Ironing

Turn the steam selector to "OFF." Move the fabric select dial to the proper setting for the clothing type you wish to iron, according to the fabric label and the corresponding fabric guide on the heel of the iron. Iron your clothing as usual. No steam will be released from the iron while it's on this setting.

Surge of Steam or Vertical Steaming

Set the temperature dial to a setting of four or higher, depending on the type of fabric you wish to steam. Place the garment you want to steam on a hanger and place on a hook on an easily accessible area.

Hold the iron three inches from the fabric while stretching the fabric taut with one hand. Continue to hold the fabric taut while pumping the "Surge of Steam" button on the Black & Decker Steam Advantage five times. Wait five seconds and then pump again. Move the iron from section to section as you remove the wrinkles from the garment you are steaming.

Self Cleaning

To clean the iron, fill the water reservoir half way to the "MAX" line. Move the fabric dial to six, stand the iron upright until the heat light first goes out and then comes back on.

Move the fabric dial to "MIN" and unplug the iron. Hold the Steam Advantage over a sink with the sole plate facing the bottom of the sink. Turn the selector button to "Self Cleaning." Steam and hot water will come out of the vents on the sole plate.

Hold in place until all steam and water has been released and then release the selector button. Stand the iron upright, plug in and heat for two minutes to complete the cleaning cycle.

Things to Know

If left standing for 10 minutes without use, the iron will shut off automatically. When cleaning the iron, wear an oven mitt to avoid steam burns or other injuries.


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