How to Stop Linen Wrinkles

Linen is a wonderful fabric for many reasons. It's breathable, which makes it ideal for wearing in the summer months. Linen also has a delightful, nubby texture, and its softness makes it an ideal choice for bed sheets. Unfortunately, along with comfort and beauty comes a problem. Linen wrinkles easily and can often remain wrinkled even after ironing. If you are interested in how to stop linen wrinkles, you must wash and carefully press your garments before each use. Luckily, with basic household ingredients and products, it is fairly simple to press your sheets or garments so as to prevent linen wrinkles.

Step 1

Hand wash linens in a basin or sink filled with cool water a few drops of mild detergent. Agitate the garments slowly with your hands. Try to avoid twisting the garment or balling it, which will create wrinkles.

Step 2

Rinse the garment in cool, clear water.

Step 3

Allow the garment to lay flat to dry, until it is only slightly damp.

Step 4

Turn your iron on to the medium setting, or whichever temperature setting is specified on the garment's care tag.

Step 5

Turn your linen garment inside out and lay it on the ironing board. Begin ironing the garment on the inside, using spray starch as the fabric begins to dry.

Step 6

Iron the inside and press it to a smooth finish, and then gently turn the garment so the outside is back on the outside. Lay it on the ironing board.

Step 7

Press and iron the garment on the outside, spraying generous amounts of starch on it as you go.

Step 8

Hang the wrinkle-free garment on a hanger and allow it to cool completely before gently placing it in the closet.

Ashley Friedman

Ashley Friedman

Ashley Friedman graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Social Sciences. She has experience writing copy for the websites of creative professionals, and regularly contributes to several blogs covering popular culture, travel, food, and social action.